• Stand for Progress in Common Ground Footwear | #ProgressLooksLike
  • Stand for Progress in Common Ground Footwear | #ProgressLooksLike
  • Stand for Progress in Common Ground Footwear | #ProgressLooksLike
  • Common Ground Footwear | #ProgressLooksLike
  • Stand for Progress in Common Ground Footwear | Shoes | #ProgressLooksLike
  • Common Ground Footwear | #ProgressLooksLike
  • Common Ground Footwear | Shoes | #ProgressLooksLike

What does empathy look like?
Listening in order to understand.
Putting yourself in the other person's shoes.
Seeking Common Ground.

Look down. Let your feet inspire you.

Look down. Let your feet inspire you.


Inspire. And be inspired.
Submit your steps to steps@common-ground.com


Common Ground Step into the Empathy MuseumA great experiment on how to help people build empathy.  Roman Krznaric talks about the launch of the Empathy Museum.

As you look down at your Common Ground shoes, take a minute to put yourself in the other shoe in an attempt to appreciate another's viewpoint.

Common Ground Gender Equality Bake Sale

Bringing awareness is a solid step on the journey of progress. Once started, the door starts to open to take steps that spark change.  The Jordan High School Young Democrats group took matters into their own hands, charging different prices based on gender  (courtesy  Huffington Post). 

Does your company offer equal pay for equal work?  If you hire, do you provide equal pay for equal work?  Everyone has a responsibility - male or female - to ensure wage equality.  If you were in the other shoe, wouldn't you want to be treated equally?  Think about what steps you take within your work environment to make a difference.


Size Chart

Footwear Sizing Advice

For women, this model runs small.  Please order up 1/2 size from your regular size.

For men, this model runs true to size.  If you regularly fall between sizes (for example - sometimes a M-9, sometimes a M-9.5) we recommend you order the larger of the two sizes.

For men or women,

- WIDTH: Our shoes run narrow.  If you typically search out and purchase footwear that has a WIDE fit, we're probably not the best shoe for you.

- ARCH SUPPORT:  If you seek our product with significant arch support or wish to use your own orthotic, we're not the right shoe for you.  Our footbed is not removable.

Fitting is personal. That's why we offer free shipping and returns to make sure you get the size that works best for you.

Equal Opportunity - Yes.  Unisex Sizing - No.

Gender differences on important anatomical features do exist, so we do not offer unisex sizing. Our men's and women's shoes are built on unique forms to accommodate those differences.

For a given length or size, the women's shoes will fit slightly narrower and with a smaller instep height in comparison to men's.

For example:  A M-8 will be the same length as a W-9.5 (Men's Size + 1.5 = Women's Size), but the shoes will fit differently.  The W-9.5 will be slightly more narrow and have a slightly lower instep.



Size Conversions.

Common Ground Footwear Size Conversions
Common Ground Size Conversion Chart