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Size Guide
Size Chart - Common Ground Apparel

Apparel Sizing Advice

Our current t-shirts are UNISEX / MEN's sizing.  

If you are ordering for a woman, please order down a size.

Women's S = Unisex (Men's) XS

Women's M = Unisex (Men's) S

Women's L = Unisex (Men's ) M

Women's XL = Unisex (Men's) L

For example, if you normally wear a WOMEN'S LARGE, please order a UNISEX MEDIUM.

Unisex / Men's T-Shirt Measurements

Common Ground Apparel | Measurments Common Ground Apparel | Measurements

Common Ground Apparel | Men's / Unisex Measurements 6210



Dark Heather Gray
Unisex (Men's) Size

To convert to Women's Sizing - subtract one size.
For example: If you wear a Women's Medium, order Unisex Small

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