Gun Violence, 1000 Pieces

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Start the conversation. Find Common Ground. Support responsible solutions to reduce gun violence.

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Common Ground Footwear | Gun Violence Collection | #ProgressLooksLike

We've kept it simple. Clean, classic design lines combined with world-class materials deliver style and comfort.

  • Canvas upper for great comfort and durability.
  • Fully lined microsuede interior.
  • Highly flexible and responsive underfoot support.
  • Sponge rubber sole with tactile grip lugs provides comfort & durability.
  • High abrasion, solid rubber toe cap for enhanced durability
  • Weight:     Size W-7 6.1oz / 174g      Size M-9  7.4oz / 210g
  • U.S. Design Patent No. D774,773
Designed in Portland, Oregon.  Made in Korea from man-made materials.
Take a Stand on Gun Violence in Common Ground Footwear | #StandForProgress

"1000 PIECES"

Take a Stand on Gun Violence in Common Ground Footwear | #StandForProgress

The ART - 1000 Pieces
1000 Pieces conveys the complexity of this issue, with both sides presenting an abundance of data, emotion, and reasoning. The enormity of this challenge must not overshadow how gun violence can strike any of us, shattering lives into thousands of pieces that can not be put back together.  Putting the pieces in place that will lead to progress is not comfortable nor straightforward.  Education, courage, and respectful dialogue are necessary to get the journey started.

Differences, yet an abundance of common ground. Let us choose to use this common ground as a foundation for progress to fight this epidemic of gun violence.  We must be open to thinking differently.  We must be willing to put ourselves in the "other shoe" so as to build empathy and respect for those with different opinions.  Progress on the epidemic of gun violence will take time, but the path forward starts with a single step.

Size Chart - Common Ground Footwear

Footwear Sizing Advice

For women, this model runs small.  Please order up 1/2 size from your regular size.

For men, this model runs true to size.  If you regularly fall between sizes (for example - sometimes a M-9, sometimes a M-9.5) we recommend you order the larger of the two sizes.

For men or women,

- WIDTH: Our shoes run narrow.  If you typically search out and purchase footwear that has a WIDE fit, we're probably not the best shoe for you.

- ARCH SUPPORT:  If you seek our product with significant arch support or wish to use your own orthotic, we're not the right shoe for you.  Our footbed is not removable.

Fitting is personal. That's why we offer free shipping and returns to make sure you get the size that works best for you.

Equal Opportunity - Yes.  Unisex Sizing - No.

Gender differences on important anatomical features do exist, so we do not offer unisex sizing. Our men's and women's shoes are built on unique forms to accommodate those differences.

For a given length or size, the women's shoes will fit slightly narrower and with a smaller instep height in comparison to men's.

For example:  A M-8 will be the same length as a W-9.5 (Men's Size + 1.5 = Women's Size), but the shoes will fit differently.  The W-9.5 will be slightly more narrow and have a slightly lower instep.



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